Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping is certainly not new, but it is more popular now than it has ever been. This is partly due to the fact that it is more cost effective nowadays with the many product developments over the years offering a greater range of vinyls with longer lifespans and more versatility than there was even a few years ago.

Probably the main reason for it's rise in popularity though is the fact that consumers are much more aware of the benefits of vibrant, striking designs made possible with the use of large images printed and applied to vehicles. A good design should be eye catching, and instantly let the many people who see your vehicle every day know exactly what your business is all about. Another great benefit of wrapping vehicles is the protection offered to the paintwork by the vinyl, meaning that when it comes time to move your vehicle on, the paintwork will be exactly as it was before the wrap was applied, therefore increasing the residual value or reducing the cost to put right before leased vehicles are returned.

Eye Catching Design

Good design should be simple and eye catching. Use the space to catch peoples attention with a strong image that relates to your business or product for maximium impact 

Colour Change Wrap Vinyl

Sometimes, an image is not necessary, coloured wrap vinyl can be used to get the design you need. It is more cost effective than paint - and less permanent - simply remove it to return your vehicle back to it's original state when you're done.